Aruba Active Vacations
12° 35' 29.7276" N, 70° 2' 51.7632" W
Telefon: +297-586-0989

Aruba Active Vacations is situated at the best spot on the beach. Our school is located the furthest away from the gusty conditions of the high rise hotels, ensuring the cleanest winds, and this along with the warm, flat and waist deep water makes for the ideal setting to learn or progress with your windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Here at AAV we pride ourselves on giving you the best kitesurfing or windsurfing experience imaginable, which is why we replace all our equipment every year, bringing you the latest innovations while making certain you have the safest yet most exciting experience.

In addition, our highly skilled and knowledgeable instructors will have you up and going with a smile on their face, ensuring you advance towards kitesurfing or windsurfing greatness while also making sure the whole experience is safe and lots of fun fun!

  • Strandzugang
    Fisherman's Huts